General Questions

Q: How do I find out the Serial Number of the EPS320 Cardiac Stimulator?

A: The Serial Number can be found on the rear of the Stimulus Generator Unit MP3008 – in the right hand bottom. It will be in the form of ‘0675’.

Q: Where do I find the Software Version?

A: Select Help (hotkey ‘h’) and choose item “About EPS320′.

Q: Where can I get a soft copy of the EPS320 User Instruction Manual?

A: Click this link to access all Micropace product Manuals.

Q: Does Micropace software come in languages other than English?

A: The Micropace EPS320 Cardiac Stimulator can be set to display its GUI (including help files) in the following languages:

English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Corresponding User Instruction Manuals are included on a CD-ROM or may be downloaded.

Q: Where can I get the Micropace spare parts and product catalogue and other support documents?

A: Micropace catalogues are available to its distributors – login to access the documents.

Or for its customers, from the product catalogues page.

Q: Does the EPS320 Cardiac Stimulator run on batteries?

A: The EPS320 operates indefinitely from mains power.

The battery is used only as a backup in case of mains power failure and supplies power only to the Stimulus Generator Unit, which provides simple temporary pacemaker-type function. This backup battery lasts 2hrs, which includes 10 min after activation of low battery alarm.

Note that the EPS320 is a diagnostic and not a life support device, it must be used only if a temporary pacing box is available, and pacemaker dependent patients must be paced by a temporary pacing box as soon as possible.

Q: What is the longest stimulus extension cable that is provided?

A: Longest Stimulus extension cable length is 17m, however such length must be installed with extreme caution and be tested by biomedical engineers for compliance with IEC60601-1, especially mains-applied single fault leakage current to ground.

There may also be interference to ECG trace displayed on the stimulator and more importantly possibly to the paced bipole IECG displayed in the EP recorder – required to be displayed in certain procedures such as VT entrainment.

For long lengths, it is better to locate the Stimulus Generator Unit, SGU (MP3008) under the patient bed next to the amplifier and run the serial cable from the SGU to the Bona PC in the control room. The drawback of this configuration is that the SGU under the bed is less accessible if you ever need to use its front panel for Manual Backup pacing in case of power or PC failure. You also need to have access to a power point under the bed for the SGU power supply.