Hardware Questions

Q: What should I do when my Bona PC ON Button gets stucked?

A: This is a known problem of premature button wear with earlier Bona Light PC housing designs.

  1. As an interim measure, extract the button with a small screwdriver or paper clip and then you may leave PC ON all the time and just exit software when not in use – the EPS320 Cardiac Stimulator will go into a low power mode after a period of time. To reactivate just press any key on screen or touch Screen.
  2. Contact Micropace – to obtain a new housing or new PC as required.
Q: What should I do when the External Power supply LED lit orange, despite Power Switch being turned On?

A: Orange light indicates external power connected but SGU turned Off. Replace power switch cable assembly (MP3200).

Q: What should I do if I need a replacement battery for the EPS320 Cardiac Stimulator?

A: The EPS320 contains two batteries:

  1. A 12V 2.4 Ah sealed lead acid battery for SGU backup power in case of mains power failure. Expected life is 4 years; battery failure causes a warning on SGU power-on self test.
    Order Micropace Part No. MP3209 or purchase Genesis / Yasua NP2.3-112-FR sealed lead acid battery, from Farnell – Part Number: 299 390. Contact Micropace for replacement instructions.
  2. A 9V LiMg PP3 style battery in the Emergency Fixed Rate Pacing circuit. Expected battery shelf life is 10 years. Order Ultralife U9VL, 9V lithium manganese PP3 style battery.
Q: Is there a calibration procedure for the EPS320 Cardiac Stimulator?

A: Yes. It is only available to distributors and agents, register to gain access or login to obtain the EPS320 SGU Field Calibration Procedure document.