Software Questions

Q: What should I do if I want to copy EPS320 Cardiac Stimulator configuration from one machine to multiple others in other labs?

A: Prerequisite is software version 3.20.09 (SR3) and the following are simple instructions to save user-settings and protocols from one Micropace and into another that contains the same software versions.

Verify that software version on Source and Target machines are the same. Select Help menu with ‘h’ and select ‘9’. About the EPS320′; note that incorrect software version will cause target machine not to function.

Using a Sandisk Cruzer Micro or Cruzer Mini 256Mb or 512Mb USB Flash Drive ( the only compatible ones):
On the source computer:

  1. Switch off the Bona PC if currently on.
  2. Insert the USB Flash Drive to the front USB port of the Bona PC.
  3. Power up the PC, on observation of “Verifying DMI Pool Data………” press F5 (bypass autoexec & config files) on the keyboard. This will bring you to C prompt. (C:\>) (to prevent stim3 from launching)
  4. Type “copy c:\stim\stim.cfg d: /v” (without quotes) (If there is already a file called stim.cfg on the USB flash drive, it will prompt you whether to overwrite file – answer Y)
  5. Unplug USB Flash drive from PCOn destination computer.
  6. Follow steps 1 to 3 above.
  7. Type “copy d:\stim.cfg c:\stim /v”; on prompt to overwrite, press Y.
  8. Type “copy c:\stim\ c:\autoexec.bat /v”; on prompt tooverwrite, press Y.
  9. Unplug USB Flash drive from PC and reboot computer.
  10. On restart, on prompt to enter password, use ‘se’ (without quotes)
  11. When program launched, verify that new settings are programmed. Refer to the “Copy Configurations between EPS320 computers” document. (Available to distributors and agents only. Register to gain access or login to obtain the document.)
Q: What should I do if I want to save the EPS320 Cardiac Stimulator custom settings to an external medium for safe keeping?

A: Refer to “I want to copy EPS320 Stimulator Configuration” FAQ above and store the Flash Drive, you can use it to restore the settings on the Source machine at a later date.

Q: What should I do if I would like to decrement multiple Sx simultaneously in the Multi_Sx protocol, e.g. S2, S3 and S4?

A: Software Ver 3.20 can auto-decrement only one Sx at a time. A workaround exists using the Macro Utility which can store key presses and play them back:

Macro programming steps for decrementing S2-S4:




To recall Macro: F6

Q: What should I do if I would like to decrement Sx other than the highest disabled Sx?

A: Highlight the Sx for decrementation and press Alt-D.