e-Learning Course

Your online EP Stimulation Technician Course

Intended Audience

  • This Micropace EP Stimulation Technician eLearning course is intended for EP laboratory technicians, nurses and physician trainees.
  • It will help you be proficient, safe and confident in stimulating patients in the EP laboratory.
  • For EP Lab managers, having a Technician certified to the simulator helps with training requirements and peace of mind.
  • For the physician who carries the responsibility for stimulation, a competent certified technician makes all the difference.

Course Content

  • Three courses: 1 – Fundamentals, 2 – Clinical and 3 – Micropace Stimulator.
  • Over 14 hours of rich audiovisual material with lesson quizzes and final self-assessment.
  • Supported by Dr Michael Cejnar, Electrophysiologist and proprietor of Micropace.
  • Topics covered span from membrane physiology, basic electricity, cardiac stimulation, stimulation safety to stimulation protocols used in EP studies.