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Pacing Course 1 - Fundamentals

This is the first part of the Micropace EP Pacing courses.  This course is intended for EP Technicians, EP Lab nurses and EP trainees intending to perform or supervise cardiac stimulation in the EP lab.  

The course focuses particularly on patient electrical and cardiac rhythm safety and thus may be useful to all participants in the EP laboratory.

Pacing Course 2 - Clinical

The course assumes knowledge of basic electrophysiology principles and EP study procedures, including recognition of common arrhythmias.

The course goes deeper in some aspects of the underlying science of cardiac pacing in order to show the principles of diagnostic stimulation during a study.

Pacing Course 3 - The Micropace Stimulator

This is a course in the use of a Micropace Stimulator, and the last part of Micropace Pacing courses.

The following topics will be covered: Introduction, Pacing, Help, Pacing Protocols, ECG Sensing & Synch, Miscellaneous and V3.21 Software Updates.