SureTouch 4.0

EP Technicians and Physicians are also technology consumers
and are confronted with a bevy of touchscreen devices in both
personal and professional environments.

The Modernized Interface

Provides ultra-high contrast of important features for instant appraisal of stimulation, and the larger touch button size means first touch selection every time.

Software that works like hardware

It retains the simplicity of a hardware device and adds the speed and flexibility of a keyboard-driven software device with new control groupings for faster workflow.

No re-training!

The same Micropace reliability, flexibility, and power you have come to expect and rely on. Keyboard commands are backwards compatible with the same hotkeys.



Get to know the new SW4.0 in this video

Other Enhancements

Novel & unique optional SureTouch tactile overlay on touchscreen or sightless adjustment.

User Instruction Manuals in all available languages are accessible inside the stimulator.

Brand new version of our hugely popular in-stimulator training videos.

Double-tap of fields brings up menu or numpad.

Simple, Clear LED-Style Stim Delivery Indicator.

SureTouch 4.0 Software is available on StimLab, StimCor, and EPS320 models. Want to find out more? Ask your distributor how you can get SureTouch 4.0.