Micropace EPS320 Cardiac Stimulator cleared for sale in Japan

30 November 2007

Micropace plans to increase sales in 2008 by serving the Japanese market with bundled and stand alone sales of its stimulators.

The EPS320 with software 3.20SR3 is a two channel, (optionally expandable to four channels) computerized digital cardiac diagnostic stimulator used during electrophysiological studies. The EPS320 was designed by an electrophysiologist, features accurate, reliable and safe stimulation with a highly intuitive interface able to be learned by staff within minutes. The EPS320 and its preceding models have been highly successful in the US and European markets since 2000. With almost 600 units sold in the US and 900 units worldwide, recent annual sales have made the EPS320 the No.1 selling EP diagnostic stimulator in the US market.