StimLab™ Benefits


Physician can see and verify stimulator settings and operation at all times.

Critical Control

Physician can control or fine-tune stimulation himself in critical moments.

Speed Up Communication

Technician and physician can better communicate stim settings to each other by demonstration on their controller.

Staff Training

Physician can demonstrate and train Stimulator technicians from the bedside.

StimLab™ Features

Bedside Touch Screen

  • Full bedside touch screen control through sterile cover without breaking scrub.
  • Mountable on a trolley, on a roll stand or next to other heads-up displays via standard VESA mount.

Multi User Management

  • Two second interlock prevents simultaneous use of controllers.
  • Enable or disable controllers from a menu.

Quick Connector

  • Easy instant installation and removal.
  • Bedside controller removable between EP cases.

Compact Hardware

  • PC Power supplies and all accessories housed in one passively ventilated aluminum case.
  • Quiet operation, no moving parts.
  • Easy installation, cleaning and maintenance.