ORLab™ (Discontinued)

Designed to support intra-operative testing during advanced cardiac surgery.

Selected Parameters

  • Stimulation rate up to 350ppm
  • High frequency burst stimulation rate up to 1800ppm
  • Pulse duration 0.5 to 10ms
  • Stimulation amplitude 0.1 to 25mA
  • 3 Channels: 1 surface ECG and 2 intracardiac (IECG)

Review Mode

  • Previously captured strips can be recalled and reviewed in greater detail
  • Currently active live strip can be captured and reviewed in greater detail
  • Live ECG is displayed in the lower window
  • Scroll the wave form using the arrow keys or running a finger across touch screen

Emergency Pace

  • Pacing is into both IECG channels, with patient surface ECG shown also
  • Lower window control functions: Pacing ON/OFF, Stimulus Strength and Pacing Rate adjustment key

Sense Pace/Record

  • System continuously records latest 80 seconds of ECG data, whether stimulating or not
  • Current is automatically decremented for Pacing Threshold measurement
  • ECG gain can be individually controlled via the UP/DOWN key at left
  • Rapid adjustment of Currentand Rates timulation via arrows or numerical keypad

Burst Stim/Record

  • Protocol for higher frequency Burst stimulation
  • Additional controls for rapid adjustment of stimulus Pulse Width
  • Safety lock out prevents inadvertent rapid stimulation