Dr Cejnar & Micropace Pty Ltd receives Australian Ethnic Business Award, 2011

Dr Michael Cejnar

Dr Michael Cejnar and Micropace Pty Ltd receive the Australian Ethnic Business Award, 2011, in recognition of business excellence and contribution to society achieved by a first generation immigrant to Australia. Micropace Pty Ltd is a leader in cardiac stimulator sales in the US and world wide, with stimulators based in over 2000 electrophysiology laboratories in over 45 countries. Micropace prides itself in the highest quality ergonomic product design, manufacture and support.

The Micropace Sydney team

Micropace launches new custom designed Numeric Keypad to reduce stimulator footprint.

For Stimulators with touch screens, the Compact Numeric Keypad (MP3415) may be substituted for the Standard Keyboard to reduce desktop footprint. The user may then use the touch screen or the Keypad arrow keys (NumLock OFF) to select pacing protocols, stimulation channels and required extra stimuli, and may use the Keypad number keys (NumLock ON) for rapid adjustment or entry of numeric values. Starting and stopping stimulation / pacing can be done with the dedicated PACE key.               

Micropace launches new StimCor™

Micropace launches new StimCor™, a cardiac stimulator configuration of the EPS320 Cardiac Stimulator offering a tiny product footprint and integrated wiring to drive the trend of sleek tidy workspaces in EP laboratories provided by ‘cockpit’ style laboratory layouts.     

Micropace releases significant software revision, version 3.21

Micropace has released a significant software revision, version 3.21.

Its main product features are:

  • Instructional Video - over 60 min tuition in 30 chapters.
  • Customisable Protocol Menu - both selection and naming.
  • Easier Sensing - Sense level display and adjustment on front page.
  • Protocol memories - each protocol remembers last parameter values.
  • New Sx properties - individually programmable properties for S1 to S5 including individual decrementation, and secondary drive trains.
  • Specialised protocols - PPI Measurement, Paced S2 scanning with S2 to 0ms.
  • Smaller footprint - numeric keypad, mouse and trackball interfaces for efficient keyboard-less use.
  • Many ergonomic improvements - configurable softKey, entry acceptance on moving focus, searchable help files.
  • Windows compatible demonstration and training software.
  • Platform -32bit processing with unlimited memory, higher screen resolution for readability.

Micropace launches the new Ultra-Low Capacitance Flexend cable

View PDF BrochureMicropace launches an innovative custom designed cable more suitable for routing of stimulator and other intra-cardiac signals around the EP Laboratory. 

The new cable:

  • Addresses a common problem in EP laboratories of how to route the stimulator output from the control room to the bedside without exceeding patient leakage current due to capacitive grounding of long lengths of cable.
  • Offers a unique Micropace cable design for extending stimulus circuits in the EP Laboratory.
  • Features ultra-low capacitance between stimulation circuit and cable exterior with just 16pF per meter
  • Reduces capacitive grounding of pacing circuit, allowing patient leakage current compliance with UL60601-1 for cable lengths of up to 17m without use of special conduits.

Micropace makes first 4 sales in Japan.

Micropace has successfully launched the EPS320 Cardiac Stimulator in partnership with Medicon with an initial shipment of 4 units in April 2009.

Micropace commences roll out of StimLab™ in USA

After extensive preparations, Micropace has commenced its roll out of the new StimLab™ in the USA and Europe markets with Bard Electrophysiology successfully completing the first installation at Berkshire Medical Center on 9th September 2008.

The StimLab™ features a second hot-connectable touch screen controller for the stimulator, which is able to be mounted either on a roll stand, on a bed rail or on a suspension arm.