Micropace opens its US Headquarters

1 March 2007

Suite K, Building 3
1582 Parkway Loop,
Tustin CA 92780
Tel: 714-258-7025
Fax: 714-258-7280

Email: support@micropaceEP.com

US branch Objectives

  1. Serve and facilitate customer needs in upgrading of obsolete hardware stimulators in US Hospitals.
  2. Provide a local product supply & delivery, support, service and education for our US distributors – GE Healthcare & Bard EP, and end-customers.
  3. Move appropriate production steps to the US.

Micropace US Branch services will include:

  1. Stocks of Micropace stimulator systems for urgent local delivery.
  2. Micropace Field Replacement Units (FRU) for urgent delivery to distributor or directly to hospitals.
  3. Stocks of demonstration systems for use by distributors.
  4. Facility for product demonstration, installation and training in case of urgent need by distributors.
  5. Phone support, on-site and back to base support for hospitals and distributors by troubleshooting and component replacement.