• Micropace EPS320™

  • StimLab Dual Touch - Keep in touch with your colleagues.

  • Micropace StimCor™ - Touch of simplicity.

  • Micropace ORLab™ - Support for intro-operative testing during advanced cardiac surgery.

As part of the pilot Business Research and Innovation Initiative programme, Micropace has competitively joined 19 other recipients out of 180 applications to complete a feasibility study in a high priority challenge posed by the Australian government.  The study will take place over 12 weeks and aims to boost Australian innovation via high tech solutions and novel collaborations. 

Details can be found on the Minister's website here: http://prod-minister-industry-gov-au.industry.slicedtech.com.au/ministers/sinodinos/media-releases/grants-support-innovative-ideas-small-and-medium-businesses